Governments and Ministries of Education

As English skills in a population improve, so does a country’s economic performance. CATs is a simple and affordable way to improve a nation’s English skills. It can deliver English language study to large numbers of learners in different places. All tests meet international standards for language learning and testing. People can improve their employment possibilities and earning potential by developing English skills. CATs complements existing school language programmes, helps adults learn English for the workplace, and helps parents to support their children’s language learning. The flexible programme lets learners take small, achievable steps towards their learning goals. English is a key skill for international business. CATs flexibility and achievability helps employers develop English language skills in their workforce. This helps organisations take advantage of new business opportunities and compete in the global economy.


Why CATs?

CATs is a powerful new online English language learning and testing system, developed by the Cambridge Malaysian Education and Development Trust (CMEDT).

CATs is designed to supplement English language learning in primary and secondary schools, to support young adults in higher education and help those who need to improve their English for work. It will also help parents support their children learning English. The CATs system includes a series of linear assessments, an adaptive testing system and preparation and practice material.

The CATs difference

In order to maximize learners potential, CATs break down the traditional language assessment levels into smaller, more achievable sub-levels. Learners study at their own pace, fully supported by several hundred hours of online resources. This accessible approach makes English language learning accessible to all, regardless of their educational attainment or prior language learning experience.

International standards

The CATs system is benchmarked to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels – the widely recognized international standard for language learning.