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The 9-level CATs programme turns complete beginners into confident Intermediate-level English users.


Everything you need to achieve success in English with confidence

  • CATS doesn't just improve your English skills, the programme of tests rewards you with printable achievement reports.
  • When you start learning with CATs, you will have all the materials, support and guidance you need to successfully learn, practice and prepare for each CATs test.
  • The 9-level CATs programme helps you make real progress step-by-step as you study at your own pace.

Study when YOU want to, with fun interactive online lessons.

  • Take CATs lessons on your phone, tablet or PC at a time and place that is convenient for you.
  • The dynamic digital English lessons have been carefully created with a wide variety of interactive activities, audio and video material to ensure the lessons are clear, interesting and lots of fun.

Everything you need to achieve success in English with confidence

  • When you are ready to take a 45-60 minute level test, we will guide you through the simple process of booking a secure test session at your nearest test centre.
  • Tests are completely delivered on computer and you will receive your test score and useful feedback online soon after completing the test.
  • CATs levels and tests are benchmarked to international standards which are widely recognised by employers.

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