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English as a working skill is key to a country's economic growth and prospects. It attracts inward investment and makes a country more attractive in regional and global markets. It is a well-known fact that, in today's global economy, countries that invest in developing English language skills are more able to take advantage of new investment opportunities and economic growth. Countries that show a rise in English proficiency also demonstrate a rise in per capita income, increasing the overall GDP.


Why CATs?

CATs has been developed by CMEDT to help embed English language skills at all levels in the wider workforce and general population.

CATs offer a simple and cost-effective way to improve levels of English in a country. Online tests and accompanying practice and preparation materials can support governments in delivering large-scale, nationally-recognised accreditation linked to supportive and accessible learning with a single, simple solution.

The CATs difference

In order to maximise learners potential, CATs break down the traditional language assessment levels into smaller, more achievable sub-levels. Learners study at their own pace, fully supported by over 300 hours of online resources. This accessible approach makes English language learning accessible to all, regardless of their educational attainment or prior language learning experience.

International standards

Strict benchmarking against the Common European Framework for language learning offers assurances that the tests meet internationally recognised standards.

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